Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Outsourcing to Avoid Burnout - The New Make or Break Trend

It’s all about the money
It’s all about the...
I think we got it all wrong, anyway

The recent trends in the outsourcing industry remind me of this hit song sung by the Swedish composer, artist and singer ‘Meja’. She wouldn’t have known at that time- but her words do seem to make perfect sense 14 years after she released her album. It definitely is not all about the money anymore.

Off late, interactions with a lot of business owners in UK, USA and pretty much the whole of Europe resulted in the availability of new information which was both unexpected and unprecedented. We had always believed that one of the main definitive arguments working in the favor of Outsourcing is the Cost Advantage; the fact that outsourcing companies can deliver the same results at a small percentage of their in-house cost. However this principal reason has now been supplemented by other reasons- which are becoming just as vital to a potential outsourcer.

Faced with depleting resources, high maintenance staff, rising requirements of customer satisfaction and the propensity to deliver more on time- every single time, business owners now have too much on their plate. They are now looking at outsourcing- not just to reduce the cost of these above activities, but for two other reasons; peace of mind as well as shelving off unnecessary activities to concentrate more on their core activities. One of the main disadvantages of keeping non-core activities in house, apart from significantly high cost levels is the fact that these business owners are so tied up with sorting out the intricacies of their accounting division, payroll division, recruitment division and various other non-core divisions that they do not get the time to concentrate on those activities which are incidental to making money, which is- enhancing the satisfaction of their customers. Over a prolonged period of time, this causes what we commonly know as ‘Burnout’.

An outsourcing company can prevent this. Infact- they can go a step further by not only alleviating all these issues but also doing a detailed analysis of their core activities and suggesting which measures or ideas they can implement to increase their customer satisfaction levels and generating more cash flow. This is afterall what a business owner really wants- detailed ideas to expand sales, generation of more cash, reduced cost of operations and a dedicated department which accurately takes care of their non core activities while still being able to advise them on their core activities. 

It really is not all about the money anymore,
It’s all about having the peace of mind to concentrate on what you as a business owner do best!

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