Wednesday, 1 August 2012

Top 4 Reasons RPO Companies Are Moving Offshore - Part 2

This is the second part in the blog series discussing why more and more RPO businesses like yours are choosing to move their non-core operations to offshore locations. In Part 1, we looked at the efficiency issues a business was riddled with before they decided to offshore. We also examined that saving time and money, along with a desire to maximize efficiency, were the primary drivers behind this trend.

Through Part 2 of this blog, while still continuing my conversation with Chris Harrison- QX's VP for the Recruitment Division, I hope to bring two other equally important reasons to the discussion table. This is only to encourage you to understand that you don't need to travel the rough road that businesses these days usually do, before they realize that offshoring is quickly turning into a contemporary business strategy.

Reasons # 3 & 4 why RPO companies are moving offshore..continued

# 3 Offshoring Improves Turnaround Time (TAT)

It’s no secret that offshore companies are more productive because they work out-of- hours and weekends.
According to Chris, “Your offshore resourcing team not only saves you time by working on admin functions, but also gives you a valuable time advantage over your competitors. While your competitors are on their way to work, you already have CVs of active candidates in your inbox ready to be sent to your client. And this greatly reduces the time-to-hire. Offshoring literally puts you hours ahead of your competitors.”

He is interrupted by a phone call before he comes back and continues, “Let’s be honest. Time is of essence here; especially so, for a staffing company. Since most businesses would like the talent acquisition/hiring to be done in the shortest time possible, offshoring should be as a shot in the arm for every business that is reeling under the pressure of budget and competition. With quick turnaround times and an improved candidate quality it’s a bet you can’t lose.

When I asked him for some numbers he said, “We source and format hundreds of CVs each day. With this kind of volume, and the speed at which we deliver, it becomes an important metric from a business standpoint.”

# 4 Offshoring Improves Staffing Scalability

Your work volumes change like the whims of the seasons. Specialist offshore RPO companies offer economies of scale i.e. an option to scale the size of the offshore team as per your needs. This, as per Chris, is one of the most prominent reasons why businesses today are choosing to offshore.

I asked him how QX clients benefit from the option of scalability.  “At QX, our clients get the option of scalability with both the ad-hoc and dedicated engagement models. Depending on work volumes, you can choose the one that fits your needs. When you are inundated with work during peak seasons you can easily scale up the offshore team, and when work slows you can scale it down.”

When I asked him if he could point out 1 more reason staffing companies should hitch the offshoring wagon, he concluded by saying, “There could be 10 other smaller reasons that could warrant the case for offshoring, and we’ve talked about the most important ones. Nevertheless, I would like business owners to know that as the offshoring trend continues, the recruitment functions will move toward the center stage and dramatically change the way the Staffing Industry operates. I think it could be the very decision that separates you from achieving peak performance and success.”

The Bottom line

As the Staffing Industry evolves you will need to push yourself to find your company’s success, how you can save time on admin functions and gain advantage over your competitors. I hope this post encourages you to make that decision you’ve long been thinking about. Call QX today on 0870 803 1033 or contact me at and lets discuss how we can work together.

In the meantime, if you have any thoughts, suggestions, ideas, or even arguments please don’t hesitate to share them in the comments section below.


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