Monday, 23 April 2012

What To Look For While Choosing A Potential Company For Outsourcing Credit Control Operations

We understand that a business might face many dilemmas while choosing a potential company for outsourcing its Credit Control operations. This is mainly due to the aspects of personalization, flexibility and secrecy of data. Credit control operations are restrictive in nature in relation to their outsourcing, predominantly, because many companies feel that they do not want the information of their customers and quantum of receivables leaking out into the open market. Moreover it has been observed quite often that the ultimate customers (of the client company in question) are not very happy about the information of their dues being leaked out into the industry. As a result of these restraining issues, more often than not, a company does not wish to outsource its credit control operations to an offshoring company.

The following is a list of aspects to be evaluated in relation to an outsourcing company before a decision to outsource a credit control operation is made. The attributes mentioned below though being comprehensive are not exhaustive and care should be taken that any form of emulation is not necessarily perceived to be a threat to the client company in question.

We here at QX do obviously encompass all the attributes which we have felt are important enough to be considered for being outsourced a credit control operation. But at the same time, we urge all the potential companies out there to check whether the outsourcing company they are evaluating contains the traits of Flexibility, High quality of service, Personalization and the elimination of Administrative burden.

Flexibility - With services which can be personalized to the lowest level of detail, we have chosen to take the initiative and designed a process around your needs rather than just using the specifications of an existing project and adapting them to your process.

Quality of service - We recognize the fact that our Employees are our most valuable assets and we choose actively to employ and retain the best minds available in the industry. Our staff, while being immaculately polite while following up debtors also possesses a tremendous amount of experience in generating reports which give more importance to the informative aspect rather than just being columns of figures representing raw data.

Personalized Service - We understand the sensitivity of the Credit Control Process and the apprehensions felt while taking a decision of outsourcing the same. To put your fears at rest, we channel our highly trained human resources into establishing and maintaining personal contract with you at all times of the day. Each and every client has a dedicated team and a manager who acts as a single point of contact.

QX - Outsourcing Credit Control Service works as an extension to your organization with the added advantage of eliminating your administrative burden whilst you still retain overall control and visibility of the process. QX provides varying degrees of service based upon the threshold of individual specification and the desired objective for each of its clients. With high levels of flexibility and variable degrees of integration, we are able to provide our clients with the highest possible standards of service. These standards are implemented and improvised, as and when needed, by using the skill set of our highly experienced debt collectors and the latest computer & networking technology available.  We have imbibed and recognized the principle that ‘No two Customers are the same’. Hence we work on a variable template which recognizes your input, requirement and specification as the main factor while designing our credit control process.

As a result of the above aspects, we have the ability to provide services to you on a tailor made basis. After all, QX – an abbreviation for Quality and Excellence also does encompass the attributes of providing you with services which are effective, efficient and reasonably priced.

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