Tuesday, 6 March 2012

QX Annual Event 2012

The excitement could be felt through the air like a brandishing charge of Static Electricity; it was a day which everybody at QX was looking forward to- The Annual QX Event. Everyone at QX had been waiting with bated breath for the arrival of the 3rd of March. And when it finally did, the seemingly endless wait was completely justified by the endless amount of fun ‘n’ frolic.

The buildup to the event had been immense. Tactfully handled by the Human Resources department, they carefully dropped enough preplanned hints at regular intervals to keep the employees interested. With more and more details coming out of the woodwork each passing day, the informal chatter within the organization built into a boisterous cacophony as the enthusiasm levels went through the roof.

Finally all the information was released which included a tentative itinerary of various categories of performance in which an employee could register themselves. In the days that followed, employees from various departments registered themselves for various performances- individually as well as a team. In the 2 weeks immediately prior to the event, the hustle and bustle in the organization increased dramatically as employees could be seen rehearsing for their performances before/after work hours.

The day finally arrived. The eagerness of watching and waiting had finally culminated into high hopes and unmatched enthusiasm from the participants and the audience respectively. The air was flavored with anticipation as the first of the performances was scheduled to begin. And what a first performance it was. Kruti from the Locums Department put up a mesmerizing traditional classical dance which left everybody spellbound. Her graceful movements perfectly supplemented by a classical soundtrack left everybody in no doubts that the evening would just keep on getting better.

The tag team of the hosts- perfectly played by Abhishek Pathak from Business Development and Twinkle Patel from Human Resources put up a smile on everybody’s face with their continuous banter and a prolific mimic act of various personnel at QX.

After the dance performance, it was time for another one- but of a different kind. Sahil from the F&A department rocked the stage with his sculpted moves to a fast Hindi pop remix. His performance had everybody applauding even before he actually walked off the stage. Next in line was a scintillating dance performance by the Recruitment department. They went on to display the beautiful contrast between the golden era of Bollywood and the current new age period. The cries of “Once more” and “Repeat Repeat” could be heard through the venue as they ended their performance.

With the crowd still going berserk, the founder of the QX and the Country Head, Mr. Chris Robinson and Mr. Rajiv Bhatia, respectively, stepped up onto the stage to address the gathering. Chris touched upon various aspects of the company starting from the point where the idea of opening an Outsourcing company had germinated in his head when he saw the quality and skills of the people in India, especially Gujarat. He also invited upon the stage the guest of honor; Kaushal Mehta (Founder of Motif). Kaushal talked at length about QX, its core values and how he has always seen the organization go from strength to strength.

Soon it was again time for the festivities to start- this time it was the Fashion show organized by the employees of QX. To the thumping beats of music, the employees strutted around on the stage showing off their dressing prowess and their individual style statements. The fashion show then culminated into the contest everybody had been eagerly waiting for; Mr. and Miss QX. While the judges asked the contestants’ questions which were designed to evaluate their wit, thoughts, frame of mind and confidence, the contestants in turn tried their best to impress the judges with their witty and thoughtful replies.

Two brief gaps in the programme constituted the recognition and awarding of trophies/certificates to the employees who were most deserving. Various accolades were presented under the different categories of ‘Best Accounting Professional, Best Payroll Administrator, Best Recruitment Consultant, Best IT support administrator’ etcetera. To indulge a bit more in the fun factor, various certificates were also presented to the employees with citations like ‘The Megaphone Award- for the loudest person. The Smiley Award- for the person with the most smiles, the Barack Obama Award- for the person with the best oratory skills, the Energizer award- for the person who never slows down’, and so forth.

With the crowd in splits, Mr. Rajiv Bhatia then spoke about some aspects of QX and how we would be progressing up ahead in the years to come. He touched upon a variety of facts and future plans and also conveyed his satisfaction at the strong team building skills of the employees at QX. Finally declaring that all the performances have ended, he then declared the ‘dance floor’ as well as the lavish dinner spread to be open.

After a scrumptious dinner enjoyed by the employees, all of them then dispersed onto the dance floor. With a huge sub-woofer pumping out a deep bass, a heavy duty amplifier punching in power and multicolored strobe lights flicking around the disc, the employees let their hair down and had an absolute blast. The energy levels were going through the roof as the employees danced to their heart's content.

All in all- it was a day to cherish, a day to remember. It was a day on which, as per QX’s Heritage, all the employees felt the desire to unite, the need to be counted as one- as valuable human resources of an organization, which is slowly but surely being considered as one of the strongest forces in our Industry today.

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